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Dohm, Heinrich August Ernst
Born 27. sept. 1875 in Copenhagen, died 28. jan. 1940 in Copenhagen.
Painter 1893.The Royal Academy of Fine Arts 1894-98
under guidance of Otto Bache (1839-1927) and Frants Henningsen (1850-1908).
Motifs :
Portrait paintings, landscape- and ordinary folk sceneries, religious motifs incl altarpieces..
Came to the danish west coast island Fanoe for the first time in 1914 and bougth a house there in 1924 ( Soenderho)
From 1924 and up to his death 1940 he spend most of the summers on Fanoe
where he painted numerous open air artworks from primarely Soenderho and its surroundings..
Charlottenborg spring 1896 – 1913,
Charlottenborg autum 1922, 1931.
Grosse Kunstausstellung, Berlin 1912.
Kunstforeningen af 18. nov. 1927, 1930, 1932-37, 1940, 1942.
Christiansborg, Frederiksborg Museum, Ribe Artmuseum, Haderslev Museum,Sønderjyllands Artmuseum,
Vejen Kunstmuseum, Rudersdal Museum, Fanø Artmuseum.
Altarpieces :
Beder, Vejrup, Tranbjerg, Øse, Kalvslund, Holmens kirkegårds Kapel.
Kunstnere på Fanø, Brian Dudley Barrett, Kveller Forlag, 1993.
Kunstindeks Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon 4. udg, 1994, forfatter Birgit Janvold.
Enevold, Erik (Nielsen)
born 03. july 1926 in Detroit, Mich. USA
Engman, Harald Rudyard
Born 06. sept 1903 in Copenhagen, died 02. dec. 1968 in Copenhagen.
Education : Autodidactic.
Motifs :
Figurativt.In the 1930és the humble side-street of Copenhagen
with few humans often being ligthened by street lamps and/or the moon.
During the World War 2 Harald Engman became known as "the forbidden painter"
due to anti-nazistic paintings from 1938 -1943.
He moved to Sweden 1943 and produced only few artworks after he returned to Copenhagen 1945.
Exhibitions :
Charlottenborg 1930. Sorte Faner, Amager 1940 (closed by occupation power ).
Museums :
Københavns Museum, the National Gallery of Demark,
Kunsten - Museum of modern art i Aalborg.
Literature :
Kunstindeks Danmark & Weilbachs kunstnerleksikon IV udgave.
Tove Thage, 2003, Den forbudte og glemte maler af kongens by.
Frandsen,"NORA" Birgitte
Born 1948 in Turup by Assens.
Education: Graduated teacher. Autodidactic (drawings, watercolours, paintings ) since 1970.
Motifs: Abstract or naturalistic reflecting a mood related to an event or impression.
Her landscape pictorials are often related to a coastal scenery.
Her specific interest for botanical diversities stems from her education, where she established 
an extensive herbarium of wild plants which to day gives inspiration to her unique handmade
flower cards.
Frederiksen, Thomas ( Tûma)
Born 1939 in Iginiarfik Greenland ( south of Egedesminde ), died 1989
Autodidactic ( drawings, paintings,watercolours ). As profession he was hunter and fisher.
Naivistic naturalistic expressions of the daily life as a hunter and fisher. Some of his coloured
drawings are to be seen as illustrations in the book " Greenlandic diaries " ( Grønlandske dagbogsblade )
which is a selection of the diaries he noted when travelling as a hunter/fisherman between 1957 and 1965.
Grønlandsk Kunst ( Greenlandic Art ), Bodil Kaalund, 3. revised edition 2010, Gyldendal.
Grønlandske Dagbogsblade ( Greenlandic Diary ), Thomas Frederiksen, translated and with forewords
by Emil Rosing 1980, Gyldendal.
Holbak, Niels
Born 09. feb.1884 in Tistrup at Varde, died 14. feb. 1954 in Esbjerg.
Change of surname from Madsen Kristensen to Holbak 7. marts 1914.
Education :
1907-08 painter apprentice Technical School in Esbjerg under guidance of Jørgen Hansen (apprentice by Syrak Hansen (1833-1904)).
1909 Technical School in Copenhagen under guidance of Sophus Vermehren (1866-1950). 1909-10 artschool Ateneum, Finland.
1912-14 the Royal Academy of Fine Arts ( Copenhagen) under guidance of Laur. Tuxen (1853-1927) og P. Rostrup-Boeyesen (1882-1952).
Motifs : landscape- and village sceneries from western part of Denmark.
Exhibitions :
Ateneum, Finland 1910.
Charlottenborg spring, 1922-31, 1936-38,1940-47,
Charlottenborg autum, 1940,1945,1952-54. Jyderne 1939-42.
Museums :
Oelgod Museum, Esbjerg Artmuseum, Toender Museum, Fanoe Artmuseum, Storstreoms Artmuseum, Varde Artmuseum.
Literature :
Kunstindeks Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon IV udgave, 1994 (red. Sys Hartmann).
Høegh, Nukardleq Najâraq Eva  ( Aka )
           Born 16. dec. 1947 in Qutdligssat ( by Egedesminde )
           Guest apprentice at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen ) by Bodil Kaalund.
           Motifs are often related to greenlandic myths and legends depicted in an expressionistic format. Her artworks include
           sculptures, paintings, drawings and not least graphical works incl. illustrations of books.
           Julianehåb 1970, Aarhus (DK) 1974 and numerous galleries across of Europe.
           National Museum and Archive of Greenland ( Nuuk ). Decorated a number of public buildings in Greenland.
           Greenlandic Art, Bodil Kaalund, 3. edition 2010, Gyldendal.
Janssen, Luplau Jørgensen
under construction
Johansen, Alibak Jens Sakarias Mikael
          Born 19. nov. 1921 in Kiiliit , West Ejland at the Disko Bay, died march 2007 in Nuuk.
          From 1952 a number of danish artschools.
          Naturalistic realistic styled portraits and landscape scenaries with a tendency to an abstract expressions
          in later years. His artworks include drawings, watercolours, paintings and sculptures ( soapstone ).
          Louisiana 1972.
          National Museum and Archive of Greenland. Jacobshavn Museum.
          Greenlandic Art ( Grønlandsk Kunst ), Bodil Kaalund, 3. revised edition 2010, Gyldendal.
Kampmann, Ebbe Willemoes ( Jack )
Born 19. nov. 1914 In London (England ), died 09.dec. 1989 in Copenhagen.
Educated building Painter, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts 1933-34 under guidance of Sigurd Wandel (1875-1947).
In the 1930ies the motifs were mainly figurative. Jack Kampmann arrived to the Faroe Island for the first time
in 1941 as a volunteered soldier to the english army. He returned to Copenhagen in 1945 when World War 2 had finished.
In this first periode on the Faroe Islands he did not produce any artwork.
He returned to the Faroe Islands in 1948 and stayed until 1964.
He was fascinated by the Faroe Island landscape and asociated sceneries incl. the small villages ( bygds) which became
the dominating motifs in a cubistic impression inspiring many of his younger Faroe Island colleaques. His artworks includes
paintings, litographies, woodcuts and drawings. After his return to Copenhagen in 1964 he continued his artistic production
with focus on Faroe Island sceneries..
Kammeraterne 1947 - 61, 1963-65, 1970, 1972, 1984, 1986-90.
Kunstnere for fred ( Artist for peace ),Charlottenborg 1983.
Den Frie Exhibition 1984, 1986-88, 1990.
Museums: Skovgaard Museet. Trapholt. Artmuseet Brundlund slot. Fuglsang Artmuseum.
The National Gallery of Denmark. Randers Artmuseum.
Den store Danske, Gyldendal. Kunstindeks Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstner Leksikon, 4.udg. 1994 ( author Mette Højsgaard ).
Kristoffersen, Kristian Karl Jonathan
Born 1943 in Nuuk.
Education: Autodidactic.
Motifs: Carvings of figurines in soapstone and whale bones often inspired by Greenlandic myths.
Litterature: Kristoffersen, A Greenlandic family of sculptors, Birte Haage, published by Tinok, 2004.
Greenland Art, Bodil Kaalund, 3. revised edition, 2010, Gyldendal.
Kraft, Frederik Carl Julius
Born 08. okt. 1823 in Copenhagen, died 25. okt. 1854 at Frederiksberg. bastard child by king Chr. VIII.
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts 1838. Modelklassen 1846.
Golden age landscape scenery paintings and drawings.
The main part of his works are related to northern Zealand and italian sceneraries ( 1851 - 53 ).
Charlottenborg spring 1843-44, 1847 -51, 1854-55.
The National Gallery of Denmark. Thorvaldsens Museum. Københavns Museum. Museum Jorn.
Literature: Kunstindeks Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon 4 udg., 1994.Søllerød - set med malerøje.,
Laura Jacobsen, Historisk topografisk selskab for Søllerød kommune.
Kristoffersen, Simon Soeren Ignatius
Born 04. juni 1933 in Nuuk (Greenland ), died 21. april in Nuuk (Greenland ).
Autodidactic.. After 1967 time limited classes at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen
under guidance of Svend Wiig-Hansen (1922-1997).
Soapstone figurines, woodcuts, lino-cuts, carvings. Often with motifs from greenlandic myths..
Exhibitions :
National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen 1967.
Museums :
National Museum and Archive of Greenland, Nuuk. Rigshospitalets have i København.
Grønlandsk Kunst, Bodil Kaalund, 3. revised edition 2010, Gyldendal.
Kristoffersen, A Greenlandic family of sculptors, Birte Haagen, published by Tinok, 2004.
Landt, Frants
Born 17. jan. 1885 in Nysted, died 21. apr. 1975 in Ringsted (begravet i Valsølille).
Education :
Autodidactic. Guidance and lectures by the maritime painter Vilhelm Arnesen (1865-1948). Frants Landt was sea-pilot by profession..
Motifs :
Painted in his early stage ( 1909-10 ) traditional naturalistic landscape sceneries. but changed his focus
to sea- and marine motifs in 1912. He accompanied the danish King Christian X in 1936 as attached maritime painter
on the Kings officiel travel on board the Royal yacht " Dannebrog " to Island and Faroe Island. From this travel
close to 50 paintings were the outcome documenting the various sites visited. The paintings were exhibited at Charlottenborg
shortly after the return ( 1936 )Frants Landt was also the official attached maritime painter 1952 when the danish
King Frederik IX travelled to Greenland on "Dannebrog ".
Museums :
Marstal Soefartsmuseum. Industrimuseet, Frederiksvaerk. Handel & Soefartsmuseet. Nysted gl. rådhus.
Literature :
Weilbachs Kunstner Leksikon, IV udgave 1994 (author Hanne Poulsen)
Frants Landt Lecture at the opening of  Landt-exhibition Nysted old. townhall, 1. jun. 2012 by Benny Boysen, Struer.
Langer, Olaf Viggo Peter
Born 11.dec. 1860 in Reudnitz at Leipzig (Germany ), died 10. nov. 1942 in Rungsted.
Change of surname in 1885 from Hansen to Langer.
Education :
Painter apprenticeship by Vilhelm Kyhn (1819-1903). Studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen 1877-86.
1884-85 drawing and painting lectures by Carl Bloch (1834-1890)..
Motifs :
Landscape scenaries incl. neighbourhood descriptions.Painted until name change under the signatures O:V:P: Hansen and Viggo P. Hansen.
His neighbourhood paintings were based on interesting sites from the areas where he lived.
During 1887-1913 he lived in Lellinge by Koege ( southern/mid part of Zealand )
from 1913 onwards his base was Holte north of Copenhagen.
As a side activity he made drawings to the weekly magazines "ude og Hjemme" and "Illustrerede Tidende".
Exhibitions :
First appearance at december exhibition, Charlottenborg 1861. Charlottenborg spring exhibitions 1882-1895, 1898, 1900-43.
Dyrehavens Painters 1913,1916-43.
Museums :
Vejle Artmuseum, Rudersdal museum, Storstroems Artmuseum, Copenhagen Citymuseum, Fredensborg, the Theatermuseum, Ledreborg
Literature :
Kunstindeks Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon IV udgave (red. Sys Hartmann).
Dansk biografisk Handleleksikon ved Svend Dahl og P. Engelstoft, Gyldendal 1920-1926.
Laura Jacobsen : Søllerød, set med malerøjne,
1983 Lellinge lokalhistoriske hjemmeside
Larsen, Johannes
Born 27. dec. 1867 in Kerteminde, died 20. dec. 1961 in Kerteminde.
Education :
1884-93 Kunstnernes Studieskole hos Frans Schwartz (1850-1917) og Kristian Zahrtmann (1843-1917).
Motifs :
Naturalistic, portraits, religious paintings and woodcutting. Knowen as part of the  Funen Painters.
His debut was a portrait off his sister(1891). Johanne`s center of univers was his hometown Kerteminde
with a few exceptions such as  trips to Greenland (1925) and Iceland (1927-30).
He was obsessed with illustrating birds wildlife  and brought it to life by his skills as a woodcutter  and painter.
His  illustrations are published in numours of. poetcollections and books (1905-1955).
Exhibitions :
Selection of stand alone exhibitions:
(1897) (1904) (1916) (1926) (1935)(1942)(1962) Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen.
1901 Winkel & Magnussen, København (often between 1901 til 1959)
1910 Kunstforeningen, Stockholm 1916
(1948) Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, København
1925 Greenland
1929 Retrospektive, Charlottenborg, København
1942 Faaborg Museum
(1947) (1957)Fyns Stiftsmuseum, Odense
1957 the Hirschsprungs Collection, Copenhagen
Selection of Group-exhibitions:
1891-1892 Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling.
1891 - 1893 Zahrtmanns pupils, Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen
1892 Kleis Høstudstillingen, København
1894 Den Frie Udstilling (regelmæssigt til 1962)
1896 Kunstnernes Studieskoles Udstilling
(1900) (1925)World exhibition, Paris
1910 Danische Ausstellung, Kgl. Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin
1912 Contemporary Art in Scand., Brown Stone Gallery, New York.
1912 Works by Modern Danish Artists, Public Art Gallery, Brighton
1914 Den baltiske udstilling, Malmø
1915- 1917 Grønningen
1919 Nyere Dansk Kunst, Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden
1926 Zahrtmann og hans Elever
1927 Danish National Exhibition, Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA
1928 Dansk Målarkonst, Helsinki, Finland
1928 L`s art danoise, Jeu de Paume, Paris, France
1931 Dansk Kunstudstilling, Oslo , Norway
1932 Venedig Biennalen , Italy
1933 Åbningsudstilling, Fyns Kunstbygning, Filosofgangen, Odense.
1934 Amsterdam, Holland.
1936 Riga.
1936 Hungary
1936 Bukarest
1937 Beograd, Serbia
1933, 1937, 1941-43, 1956-1957, 1959, 1962 Den Fynske Forårsudstilling
1943 Nordisk Konst, Gøteborg, Sweden
1946 (1952) Charlottenborg efterårsudstillingen
1948 Danish Art Treasures, Victoria and Albert Museum, London , England
1959 Dansk Malerkunst fra Hans Smidth til Johannes Larsen, Charlottenborg
Museums :
Faaborg Museum, Statens Museum for Kunst, Ordrupgaard, Den Hirschsprungske Samling,
Fyns Kunstmuseum, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum
Randers Kunstmuseum, Horsens Kunstmuseum, Vejle Kunstmuseum, Esbjerg Kunstmuseum,
Sønderjyllands Kunstmuseum, Åbenrå Museum,
Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum, Storstrøms Kunstmuseum, Johannes Larsen Museet,
H.C. Andersens Hus, Davids Samling, Kunstindustrimuseet Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Kunstindeks Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon, 4. Udgave 1994, forfatter: Erland Porsmose.
Neumann, Johan Jens
Born 02. june 1860 in Copenhagen, died 26. febr. 1940 in Copenhagen
Graduated mill builder which proffession he left for persuing his autodidactic painting skills
under the guidance of his uncle Carl Johan Neumann (1833-1891).
Marine and coast line sceneries in a naturalistic style. He only travelled once abroad ( Iceland 1882 ) and collected inspirations
from the northern parts of Zealand and the west coast of Jutland.
Exhibitions :
As he was supported by the already then established painter Carl Neumann ( his uncle) he exhibited in galleries with him.
Kunstindeks Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon, 4. udgave 1994, author Elisabeth Fabritius.
Petersen, Emanuel Aage
Born 18. febr 1894 in Copenhagen, died 27. dec 1948 in Farum.
under construction
Petersen, Thorvald
Born 01. july 1899 in Odense, died 29. oct. 1988 in Odense
Under construction.
Pryn, Harald Julius Niels
Born 11.apr. 1891 at Frederiksberg, died 26. nov. 1968.
Education :
Motifs :
Realistic to late impressionistic landscape sceneries mainly from the northern part of Zealand (Soelleroed, Raadvad )
Harald Pryns paintings distinguish oneself by expressing the characteristica of the impressions related to the seasons of the year.
The details both in form and execution compose the artwork.
Museums :
Rudersdal museet, Holte. Roskilde egnsmuseum.
Literature :
Søllerød - set med malerøje, Laura Jacobsen, Historisk topografisk selskab for Søllerød Kommune, 1983.
Rohde, Johan Gudmann
Born 01. nov 1856 in Randers, died 18. febr. 1935 in Hellerup.
Rosing, Otto Pavia Joergen
Born 06. sept. 1896 in Angmagssalik, died 24. dec. 1965 in Egedesminde ( Aasiaat, Greenland ).
The magazin - Tidsskriftet Grønland, in memoriam of Otto Rosing by Mikael Gram.
Schjelderup, Georgia Elise (Leis )
Born 12. apr. 1856 in Kristiansand ( Norway ), died 10. july 1933 in Roskilde.
Smidth, Hans Ludvig
Born 2. nov 1839& in Nakskov, died 5. maj 1917 at Frederiksberg.
Education :
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 1861-1866. 1870-1871 classes by Vilhelm Kyhn (1819-1903).
Motifs :
Naturalistic realistic landscape, interior and folklife sceneries. As expressed by Johs. V. Jensen (1873-1950) :
Realism, in a simple, unreflecting form, was his foundation."Arrived Jutland as a young teenager
he gradually became fascinated by Jutland sceneries whether it was the nature, landscape or the living culture of the every-day people.
As his techniques were refining when maturing his acceptance amongst the public and art-circles reached new heigths around year 1900,
were he recieved the Eckersberg medaljion. Hans Smidth was an established exhibitor,
at the censored Charlottenborg exhibitions for 50 years.
After his death next to all major exhibitions covering the danish national art heritage have displayed paintings of Hans Smidth.
Exhibitions :
Charlottenburg spring 1867-1917
Dec.udst., Charl.borg 1882
Kunstnerforen. af 18. Nov., 1882, 1942
Nord. Kunstudst., Kbh. 1883, 1888
Verdensudst., Chicago 1893
Paris 1900
The Glasgow School Artists of Denm., Chicago 1895
Nord. Kunst-Ausst., Lübeck 1895,
Raadhusudst., Kbh. 1901; KE 1904- 05, 1907-09, 1913-16, 1941,
Landsudst., Århus 1909; Glaspalast,
Munich 1909,
Danische. Ausst., Berlin 1910-11;
Den baltiske Udst., Malmø; 1914
Literature :
Malerier af Hans Smidth,Jørgen Styhr, Gads forlag 1933.Jydske Folkelivs Malere, Johannes V. Jensen, Arthur Jensens Forlag 1937.
Kunstindeks Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon, 4. udgave 1994, forfatter: Folke Kjems.


Thorbjørn, Evelyn Boje ( Andersen )
Born 19. mar. 1911 i Solbjerg, died 1985.
Education :
Apprenticeship as painter during which time he got involved in restoration of churches incl murals.
Naturalistic landscape sceneries from Northern Jutland and Greenland.Visited Greenland for the first time in 1949.
Returned to Greenland 1950 where he painted motifs from Ivigtut, Færingehavn (Kangerluarsoruseq),Narsarsuak and Nuuk..
Exhibitions :
Exhibited first time in 1928 at non-professional exhibition in Aalborg Kunstmuseum.
Litteratur :
Zacho, Peter Moerch Christian
Born 31. mar. 1843 in Grenaa, died 19.mar. 1913 in Hellerup.
Education :
Painter apprentice in Aarhus. Studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts ( Copenhagen ) 1862-67.
Guidance at the beginning by Janus La Cour (1837-1909) later by P.C. Skovgaard (1817-1875).
Pupil 1871-72 in "Huleakademiet" by Vilhelm Kyhn (1819-1903)
Travelled to Italy 1872, France 1874, 1878, 1880-81 with prime focus on studying and gather inspiration
from the french art communities.
Motifs :
Naturalistic landscape sceneries. Up to 1872 primary from the Aarhus surroundings.
After 1872 his danish motifs had its origins in landscapes from Zealand and Bornholm.
His major turning point came in 1881 with the painting titled " the first snow " from Bretagne, France
acquired the same year by the National Gallery of Denmark.
With that painting Zacho had abandoned the traditional danish way of naturalistic painting.
An impressionistic colouring became central opposite to the traditional colouring of details.
Painting with a broad brush the tool to highligth the "open air " impressions.
" Open air " artworks should be made in the open air at an eusel and not in a workroom.
Exhibitions :
Charlottenborg 1865,
World exhibition Paris 1878,
Charlottenborg 1881-87.
Museums :
Hirschsprung Collection (4 artworks from early periode).
The National Gallery of Denmark.
Bornholms Artmuseum.
Aros - Aarhus Artmuseum.
Brandts - Museum for Art and Visuel culture.
Copenhagen Artmuseum.
Randers Artmuseum.
Roskilde Museum.
Vejen Artmuseum.
Literature :
Kunstindeks Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstner Leksikon IV udgave (forf. Erik Mortensen).
Dansk Biografisk Leksikon, 3. udgave 1979-84 (red. Svend Cedergreen Bech).
Nyere Dansk Malerkunst, Sigurd Muller, 1884.
Landskabsmaleren Janus La Cour, Rikard Magnussen. Udgivet af Foreningen for National Kunst 1928.
søllerød - Set med malerøje, Laura Jacobsen. Udgivet af Historisk Topografisk Selskab for Søllerød Kommune, 1983.
Walseth, Niels
Born 12. aug. 1914 in Kolding, died 2001 in Kolding
Technical school given support (encouragement) by the establist painter Jacob Meyer ( 1895-1971)
Naturalistic to romantic landscape sceneries often with persons in an every day situation.
His execution were inspired by the well known painter Peder Moensted 1859 - 1941 ).
He had extensive travel activities to mountain rich areas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy Norway and Sweden.
He was autographing his artworks under a number of pseudonymes reflecting the motifs.
Vilhelm Steffensen related to scandinavian paintings.
F. Brinicardi in relation with italian landscapes.
G. Capriono in relation with southern landscapes.
Kjeld Krautwald in relation with mountain sceneries.
Carl Soederberg in relation with fishermen paintings.
Numerous galleries in Europe and USA.
KREJL - lokalhistorisk tidsskrift for Loegstoer og omegn. 25 aar ,Nr. 1 ,sept 2005


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